With the switch the cocca registry inherited a total of 2,710 domains broken down as below
com.ng        1,696
gov.ng        409
org.ng        377
edu.ng        169
net.ng        59
mil.ng        0

Also from the old data we had the following
1. One domain deregistered www.sciencetimes.com.ng (already scientimes.com was also registered to same person)
2. One domain was converted from 4th to 3rd level by removing the www and retaining the registrants.
2. 433 domains did not have name servers but records and have been moved to a registry server with the appropriate zone records added
3. over 100 records did not have any delegation

Moving forward on a regular basis we would display the following statistics
1. Total domains registered
2. Domains registered by zone
3. Top 10 registrars
4. The above will be for the zones available as below
com.ng, net.ng, gov.ng, name.ng, org.ng, mobi.ng, edu.ng, sch.ng and the 74 (37 each) 3rd level zones under gov.ng and sch.ng

1. Cocca platform would be open for registration as from 3pm Nigerian time for automated registrations.
2. No Registrar has access to .ng and mil.ng
3. Foreign accredited registrars would ONLY have access to OPEN domains (com/org/name/mobi)
3. Nigerian accredited registrars would have access to both open and closed domains except the two listed above.
4. All registration for both open and closed domains have been made open for registrars. registrars are therefore expected to do the needful in verification before completing the registration and forward a copy to us to the following email addresses sch_verification@nira.org.ng; net_verification@nira.org.ng, edu_verification@nira.org.ng, gov_verification@nira.org.ng. There would be regular random checks to ensure that registrars are doing apropriate verification to ensure applicants meet the domain conditions for closed domains.
5. Domain TASTING or GRACE is NOT supported or allowed. Immediatelly a domain is registered deductions are made and there are NO REFUNDS for cancellations even for wrong spelling.
6. Domains cancelled for FRAUD as regards payment are the ONLY cancellations accepted for REFUND. While this is so refund would be done on a monthly basis and subject to the deduction of the approparuate processing fee. Registrars need to submit the appropriate documents for the preceeding month by the 5th of each month.
7. Registration would be done at registrar level pricing
8. ALL registrars are to CLEARLY specify their cost for Domain registration ONLY on their websites. Failure to do this is a breach of the Registrar agreement and grounds for accreditation withdrawal. you can also specify your bundled hosting prices but domain only must be stated.
9. Registrars MUST get/capture the consent of ALL registrants to the NIRA Registrant Agreement.
10. The .ng Registry would be loaded with some premium domains so as to avaiod their registration and allow automation, nevertheless the final lsit would be concluded by May 31, meaning that some domains may still be added or dropped from the list.

1. The .ng registry supports both Web and EPP access.
2. Web access would gradually be restricted to enable registrars move fully to the EPP platform as the standard specified int he registrar guide. First 2 factor tokens would be applied, then IP address restriction.
3. For EPP access Webta is fully tested, so as WHMC. also Cocca has it registrar package as well which is free. If there is enough demand we might consider a hoosted Registrar package based on either Cocca or Webta.
4. .ng Registry NOC operates 24x7x365 please feel free to reach us at anytime. Registrars have Phone, email and chat access ot the NOC. Where the NOC cannot handle your issue it would be escalated ot the technical committee and you will be notified.

1. All transactions are strictly on a PREPAID basis, so please ensure that your accounts are adequatelly  funded at all times. Right now only direct deposits to the bank is supported but we are working on full integration to allow you load through electronic means. Our accounts remain the same at both Zenith Bank and Intercontinental Bank PLC.
2. Where cheque payments are made and such cheques bounce registrar would have to bear all bank charges debited the NIRA account.
3. For now we are seeking clarification from the Federal Inland Revenue Service if domains are VAT exempted. For now we have not applied VAT. Where we are informed they are VAT payable we would then mmediatelly add VAT.

1. All domain registered before and upto december 31, 2008 would expire by JULY 1, 2008, Grace Period of 30days upto JULY 31, 2009, suspended for 7 days upto AUGUST 7, 2009 and deleted by AUGUST 8, 2009 if not renewed.
2. .gov and edu domains would NOT be deleted but would remain suspended.
3. All domains registered from January 1, 2009 to May 13, 2009 would have a one year default registration, with the domains transfered to the Registrars and their accounts debited accordingly. Transfers to registrars would be concluded Monday May 25, 2009.
4. Registrants without Name servers currently using the registry pdns servers can ONLY request for the renewal fo the domains through any registrars as they CANNOT request for changes to the zone records. So if they require a zone changes they would have to renew their domains and have it transfered to a registrar to maintain.
5. Registrants with premium domains registered before June1 would be duly notified with the board approved tentative reserve price with the time frame to make payments or forfeit them on expiration.
6. registrants with premium domains registered after June 1, 2008 will automatically forfeit them on expiration and would also be duly notified.

1. NIRA is anxious for the immediate population of the .ng Registry and has mapped out three phases.
Phase 1: Africa-2: .ng to get to the position of second largest registry in Africa. (25,000 to 100,000)
Phase 2: Africa-1: .ng to get to the position of largests registry in Africa (500,000 to 600,000)
Phase 3: Global T20: .ng makes the global top 20 ccTLDs in the world. (1 to 1.5million)

Towards this we would be looking at various schemes either from us or as propsed by registrars to help drive this. currently we are working on one aimed for 100,000 domains, detailes would be forwarded very soon.

Monday, May 18, 2009

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